Webnote - Hints

You can enter HTML into a note. This means you can create a hyperlink or embed an image. You can also use javascript event handlers.

Everytime you press the save button, a snapshot of all your notes are saved. You can load any snapshot by clicking on the circular arrow button. reload icon

You can quickly change the color of a note by pressing a number from 1 to 8 while your mouse is hovering over a note.

You can move a note to the front by clicking on the mini-note.

You can move all notes of the same color to the front by holding ctrl and clicking on a mini note.

You can filter by color by typing "color:yellow" into the filter box. Alternately, you can shift+click on a mini note to filter by color

You can resize a note by holding alt and using the left mouse button.

You can move all notes of the same color by holding ctrl while dragging. (This doesn't work in OS X because the ctrl key brings up the right click menu.)

To select text, try holding ctrl+alt while dragging. Holding the windows key may also work if you use Firefox/Mozilla.

The filter box in the upper right corner takes regular expressions, not words to search for.

[2004-10-10] Press 'B' to create a note with a bookmarklet that you can use for quickly creating new notes.

[2004-08-07] Press 'N' to cycle to the next note and move it to the top. 'P' will cycle to the previous note and move it to the top.

[2005-05-21] Hold alt and press 'P' to create a new note. Hold alt and press 'S' to save the workspace. Hold alt and press 'O' to start editing a note. Press Esc while editing a note to stop editing. Use the arrow keys to move a note.

[2004-08-07] You can send a note to the back by holding alt and right clicking on the note.

[2004-08-09] You can access your notes with the shortened URL of http://www.aypwip.org/webnote/workspace_name and your rss feed with http://www.aypwip.org/webnote/workspace_name.xml.